Wonderful Wedding

Last Sunday, we attended the wedding of two friends. We drove an hour and a half to a beautiful outdoor venue called The Walnut Grove. The event was simple, classy, and so lovely. The bride was stunning. The groom was all smiles. The bridal party looked fantastic. We enjoyed seeing friends and catching up. The dinner was wonderful. The candles lit up the tables as the sun was setting. It was a great celebration of love, commitment, and a future filled with hope in a magnificent setting.

17.10.22 - Bittner Kunstt Wedding - Rustic Table

Beautiful tables settings

17.10.22 - Bittner Kunstt Wedding - Flowers Close-up

Lovely flowers

17.10.22 - Bittner Kunstt Wedding - Crowd

The crowd mingles waiting for the bride & groom to be seated for the dinner.

17.10.22 - Bittner Kunstt Wedding - The Happy Couple

Here come Mr. & Mrs.!

17.10.22 - Bittner Kunstt Wedding - Table Close-up

The outdoor setting was in a walnut grove on a farm.

17.10.22 - Bittner Kunstt Wedding - Cake Close-up

Some of the flowers were placed on the cake.

17.10.22 - Bittner Kunstt Wedding - Sunset

A sunset dinner

17.10.22 - Bittner Kunstt Wedding - Toast Time

Time for a toast!

I was thinking about contemporary weddings compared to the weddings of my 20’s and 30’s. For one, Save the Date cards are a recent part of weddings.

Save the Date Close-up

It seems like, for us anyway, the weddings we go to now are often destination weddings held outdoors, even if only an hour or two from where we live. We haven’t been to a local church wedding in years. Added eyelashes for the bride and bridesmaids are the latest in wedding make-up. I like to notice all the DIY and Pinterest touches , customizing the event with special attention to details. Pinterest did not exist when I got married.

The rustic look is so popular now. Fresh flowers are more prevalent and gorgeous blossoms not only fill bouquets, but add to the table decor and adorn the cake.

17.10.22 - Bittner Kunstt Wedding - Cake on a Barrel

Creativity is essential for many weddings. We even attended a special wedding with the cake made out of Rice Krispie Treats. It was cute, clever, and unique. Not to mention delicious. Photo booths were popular for while. The end of the night has changed from throwing rice to throwing bird seed to bubbles or sparklers. It is fun to see what the latest ideas are.

Weddings are definitely expensive, big events, filled with meaning and memories. I’m glad we get invited, for the modern wedding is a grand experience. And supporting a couple as they embark on this new life is always a good idea. Marriage comes with challenges and blessings. Having a caring community around helps share the joys and the struggles, and that starts with witnessing the “I do’s.”

Stay charming, friends!