Collecting Small Plastic Art

I love graphic art, fonts, design. And doodles. I know some of you do, too. I have collected Starbucks Gift Cards just for these elements in different designs. From about 2007 through 2018, I’ve collected gift cards at Starbucks just because I like looking at the designs. Some collect baseball cards. This is a variation on that.

As I continue to simplify my life and my stuff, this weekend I took pictures of my collection. Then I tossed out the cards out into the plastic recycling bin. My collection has ended, but I wanted to share the images. If you are interested in image and design, too, you might enjoy this post. The photos contain the cards that appealed to me. Starbucks produced many, many more cards than pictured here. I wonder how the design team dreams up the looks year after year.

Birthdays, congratulations, and a couple dancing gift cards
California, Los Angeles, and Seattle (home of the original Starbucks) cards
Cups of coffee cards
Coffee shop cards…
Spring and summer cards
Fall cards and a fox
Christmas trees
Christmas, Happy Holidays, and winter cards
Thank you cards…thanks for reading this post!

Stay charming, my friends! Happy 2019!

4 thoughts on “Collecting Small Plastic Art

  1. Fun to see all the categories! That was a fun collection! Too bad before you threw them away you didn’t find some place to display them so other people could also enjoy them. (I have displayed several of my collections in the La Habra Library.). But many now have enjoyed them here in your blog!

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    • I thought about your collections shared at the La Habra Library. I considered contacting them prior to deciding to get rid of them, but it was just time to share the photos and toss them out to simplify my stuff. Thanks for your comment.


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