Flags for the Fourth

Every July, I like to see the American flags flying from local houses as I drive through the neighborhood. This year, our flag was not out front at our home. Don’t judge! We moved our flag to the backyard this year. In the front yard, I rarely saw it, since we don’t go out front much.

With the flag flying in the backyard, we could see it frequently. We enjoyed it when we sat in the backyard and when we looked out from the kitchen or den windows. It was illuminated at night, too, which is proper flag etiquette.

We started out with it on the gazebo.
We moved it over to the fence near our very large backyard pool. (Ha, ha. Foot bath?)
The moon was almost full on July 4th.

Do you have an American flag? Did you display it at your house for the 4th of July this year? Did you see many on display this weekend in your neighborhood?

Stay charming, my friends.

4 thoughts on “Flags for the Fourth

  1. I love flying the flag too and did so on the Fourth of July, but I felt that, like everything else in our country right now, flying the flag seemed to be a sign of being on one side of the political divide. I was sad that it felt like that, so I proudly flew it anyway! And decorated our dinner table red, white, and blue.
    Your backyard looks so cozy and inviting! Isn’t it nice to have a nice backyard in which to shelter in place? And I love the kiddie pool! Good idea!


    • It is a difficult time when anything can be seen as political or offensive. Well, not quite anything. Your heirloom tomatoes simply looked delicious, without offense! Ha, ha. I’m glad you flew your flag and found it meaningful again this year, too. It can simply speak to the fact that we love this country and are grateful to live here. Thank you for your sweet words about the backyard. I enjoy it so much. Glen has worked hard in the backyard to fix it up. And you are so right! During CoVid days at home, it is a lovely space to take advantage of! Glad for the time to do so. The kiddie pool makes me laugh, cools me off just dunking my feet, and is so manageable/affordable. Thank you!


  2. Cindi your yard is so pretty and cozy❤️🇺🇸💙. Miss you my friend. Wish we could sit with our feet in your “pool” and chat. Hugs


    • I think of you often, and miss you, too. With the pandemic restriction, it seems like you are a world away. Looking forward to sharing moo shu again someday! Thanks for reading and for your kind words. Come laugh with me poolside someday!


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