Back-to-School? Are You Kidding Me?

I was an educator for twenty-seven years prior to retiring in 2017. With all the talk about reopening schools this fall, with the current pandemic not yet under control here in the United States, I have to say, it’s never as easy as they make it sound.

The executive branch is threatening to withhold funding, so it seems school bullying has begun at the top. Anyway, on behalf of my fellow educators still on the job, God bless you all. Here is my take on a quick look at the reality of classroom details and management that could be reality this fall. Enjoy!

Stay humorous in the chaos, my friends.

4 thoughts on “Back-to-School? Are You Kidding Me?

  1. Oh Cindi, you are too funny! Yet as funny as this is, it is also sobering to think what the classrooms will be like this school year. I feel for the teachers and the students and the parents. So many hard decisions, so many areas for worry and fear, so many unknowns. Even though my school is facing tough decisions too, it is, of course, nothing like the brick and mortar schools. Lots of patience, understanding and flexibility needed this coming school year!


    • Thanks for your comment. I’ve been wondering how all this will impact you and your work. We’ll wait and see. So many day-to-day updates and variables.


  2. Dear Cindi,
    So excited to have ‘found’ you again … and so enjoy your wonderful sense of humor… most especially in these crazy, chaotic and confusing times.

    Congratulations on your retirement in 2017 … though it looks like you are still very involved in education! I retired in 2016 but have been teaching part time at CLU in their School of Education. Love it!

    So glad our career paths crossed back in 2005 …..

    Elizabeth Brown


    • Well, hello! This is a fun surprise. Good to catch up a bit. I am working fulltime at my church, so I’m staying busy. It seems you can relate to retired but not still! These are complicated for both colleges and churches for sure! Thanks for connecting!


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