“All Because You Matter”

I recently read a new award winning children’s picture book, All Because You Matter, written by former teacher Tami Charles and illustrated by award-winning illustrator Bryan Collier. It is important to share books that tell stories that may be different from our own. It is essential that all children see themselves in storybooks. I was interested in this story for those reasons, and found it to be a tender, timely, and important book.

All Because You Matter is a thoughtful love story written to a young child, affirming the beauty and richness that lives within the child. The story is strong and encouraging to the precious children among us who may not be part of the majority. For readers who grew up in different circumstances, this may bring some discomfort. If we can sift through that discomfort, and take in more of the reality of the world as experienced by others, then we will grow more loving and empathetic through this picture story.

And wouldn’t that make us better neighbors and the world a better place? All our children need this from us.

Stay compassionate, my friends.