Spring Eggs on Edge

I have a sweet little story for you this week.

The other day, I walked by the side of our home, and I heard a noise and saw a flurry of activity out of the corner of my eye. I looked up to the area the activity came from and realized a bird had flown out of a window on our second floor. Naturally, I was curious.

In the photo below, can you see how the screen on the small window is slightly open away from the house?

Here’s a closer look. Can you see what I saw in the right corner? The makings of a birds’ nest! What?!! That surprised me.

Naturally, I headed right inside and up the stairs to investigate. Were birds moving in with us?

We have two bedrooms on the chimney side of the house that share a closet, a “Jack and Jill” closet, connecting both rooms. This little window is in the closet. Our home is over 100 years old, so that explains the charm of a window in a closet. Anyway, back to the nest investigation.

The window was closed, so no birds were moving around the rooms. That’s actually a relief.

So what is happening?

The little window is perched up higher than I could peer through. I held up my phone and grabbed a photo from above looking out to what was outside on the window sill.

How delightful! I was thrilled to find four tiny blue eggs resting in the nest on the windowsill. Aren’t the tiny eggs pretty?

At the same time, I was impressed once again with the skills of birds. Building a nest with a beak and no hands is amazing engineering, to begin with, but balancing it in a tiny space on a small, second-story ledge almost made me dizzy!

So I just had to share with you. Such sweetness! We’re expecting! Expecting the eggs to hatch and baby birds to make noise, eat, and thrive, safely above cats and squirrel attacks. And then fly away. I’ll keep you posted.

The bird’s eye view out the closet window toward the hills and houses to the north.

Does anyone know the gestation period for these eggs? Any guesses? My job will be to make sure I do not disturb the mom as she cares for them in the next days to weeks. I’ll have to be very cautious and quiet when I sneak peeks. Maybe I’ll just wait patiently until I hear little chirps. Maybe.

Stay hopeful, my friends!

7 thoughts on “Spring Eggs on Edge

  1. They look like bluebird eggs! How special! When the babies hatch, the parents will be very protective. But what a fun find!

    Monica Wilson

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    • Thanks again for reading! By the way, I’ve tried using a mirror to check the nest, holding it above to look down without letting the bird see me. The bird on the nest always sees me or the movement or light and flies off, so I’m staying away and the curiosity is hard to endure. Ha, ha.


      • Looks just like the house finch eggs we’ve had here! How exciting! We currently have a mourning dove nest on our house with a mama sitting on it. We usually set up a camera to record activity. Sometimes there will be a dud egg that doesn’t hatch in the clutch of eggs.

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      • I like that you have a camera set up for observation. House finch now gets a second vote. I’ve seen the back of the adult bird. Looks like a sparrow. But finches have similar shape and color from the back anyway.


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