Breakfast at Farm, Palm Springs

We recently stopped overnight in Palm Springs for a quick visit with good friends who were in town briefly. I looked for breakfast recommendations online both on Yelp and at TripAdvisor. That’s how I discovered this charming place called Farm. It got such high praise and great reviews.

I want to share it with you, in case you are ever in Palm Springs, California. Perhaps you’ve already been there. If so, let us know what your impressions were.

I loved the architecture, furnishings, and garden of color. The menu had good selections. Getting coffee served at our table in a French press was interactive and added some interest. Our food was so good. The atmosphere was inviting and relaxed.

To check out the menu, click here.

The entrance is set in between storefronts.
I love all the color and details in the decorative and practical elements.
French press coffee at the table and a tiny pitcher of half and half in my mug
I ordered the Bacon & Cheese Brioche French Toast, something I normally wouldn’t make at home. It included gooey Swiss cheese, crispy bacon, and a side of strawberry coulis. Yes. It was. Delicious.
Thanks for checking.
A close-up of my French toast so you can see the layers.

Getting out of town, seeing fun friends, and finding a breakfast spot that was a treat was such a privilege, especially after two years of limited life due to pandemic guidelines in our area and my choice to follow those. I am grateful.

Where have you gone for a special breakfast? Would you recommend that place? I would recommend Farm, even though I have to work so hard to not put the word “the” in front of its name!

As the world opens up and we can experience new things again, don’t we all look forward to discovering new places to enjoy?

Stay curious, my friends!


Even though I was able to enjoy a pleasant breakfast, I want to express my heartache for so many suffering. I live in that tension with each of you. Continue to pray for the people impacted by the senseless war in Ukraine and give to trustworthy organizations that are helping when you can.

With gas prices ridiculously high, and food prices soaring, I also want to acknowledge travel and eating out will be more the exception than the rule. We will get through this. Challenging circumstances create a greater sense of appreciation.