10 Things for the Spring of Vaccines

I appreciated the reminder text.

Many of us will be vaccinated in the coming months. Many of us already are, as we pursue herd immunity from COVID19. I recently completed my second dose of the Moderna vaccine at my neighborhood Rite Aid. The following information may be helpful or comforting to you.

Thankfully, shots don’t bother me.

I am 65, which is a high-risk age group. These ideas can be adjusted for different situations and schedules. Each person will have an individual response to the vaccine. I do not speak for anyone but myself. This is not medical nor moral advice. Much of this information is common sense.

Apologies to the wonderful musical, Hamilton.

Here are ten suggestions I found helpful. Please leave any additional positive suggestions you may have in the comments.

Helpful Ideas

  1. Schedule your appointment, if you have a choice, for a Friday or Saturday so you have the weekend to take it easy. Your body is doing good work as it responds to the vaccine and will benefit from some rest.
  2. Clear your schedule for 24- to 48-hours following the vaccine, especially the second dose, to anticipate recovery from any side effects. Relax. Plan ahead for meals, groceries, and necessary chores. Dress comfortably. Put your feet up. Your energy may come and go, so listen to your body. You may not need the time to recover, but you’ll feel ready, which is less stressful, and that’s good.
  3. Stay hydrated, which is always a good idea. Plenty of water is helpful.
  4. If you and your main helpful person (spouse, partner, roommate, relative, friend) get vaccinated, avoid getting vaccinated on the same day. If you encounter side effects, the other can help out. But if you both are down with side effects, that could be more difficult.
  5. Schedule your vaccination, if you have a choice, for later in the afternoon. It is easier to slow down at that time of the day for many. People could then enjoy a nice dinner, unwind, and go to bed. Sleep is helpful in recovering from side effects and also boosting your immune system.
  6. An ice bag may be helpful. I iced my upper arm for 20- to 30-minutes with my first dose and then again for my second dose. It helped address the mild but annoying pain. I liked that.
  7. Enjoy a bowl ice cream or your other favorite dessert. Kids got treats for being good patients when I was young. I think that there is some comfort in that. A sweet treat certainly got my mind off the general feeling of malaise that I felt. It was a nice reward.
  8. Avoid arguments. We all know this vaccination is not without controversy. Everyone should do their research, talk with their physician and pharmacist, decide who and what to trust, accept that we cannot know everything about this at this time, and make their best choice.
  9. Get extra rest and stay hydrated. Those are worth repeating.
  10. Sign up for the V-safe app, if you feel comfortable doing so. I am happy to help the CDC monitor the safety of COVID-19 vaccines through my feedback. For more information, go to V-safe After Vaccination Health Checker.

Stay healthy and community-minded, my friends.

P.S. Here is helpful information for When You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated.