Pause to Lament – Charlottesville Violence

My heart was saddened by the complicated events in Charlottesville, Virginia that took place on Saturday, August 12, 2017. My thoughts and prayers are with the residents, governing officials, law enforcement, and all the families affected. I pray for the families of the three who perished, as well as the many injured. I also must pray for the family of the young man who used his car as a weapon. I pray for the participants on both sides of the event, though that is packed with challenges. I am reminded in the biblical text I read to guide my life that I am to pray for enemies. Never easy.

This is a tragic reminder of an evil reality rooted deep in some of the broken, systemic problems of our dear nation. Hate is a poison that kills good, justice, and peace. It cannot be tolerated. I lament and ask God for wisdom, mercy, and guidance, both for recovery, restoration and reconciliation. And I ask myself how can I be part of the solution?

Lament: To mourn.