Fashion Boot Camp

I had a random idea the other day. What if we combine two trendy, popular things? Local gyms offer “boot camps” for getting in shape. These opportunities are so popular with some of my friends in our area, so why not ramp it up for fun and fashion with fashion boot camp?

Shake your bootie?? Does that count as exercise? (Pardon the pun.)

With fall coming, those strappy, little sandals go back in the closet. Out come the fashion boots! Just pull on your favorite fashion boots, and head to Fashion Boot Camp to get a rigorous, fat-burning, body challenging work out in style! Who wouldn’t think that was a great idea? Probably me, actually. And perhaps orthopedic surgeons, if things take a turn with a tall-heeled boot.

Nordstrom, Steve Madden, $119

We all know the many benefits of staying active and fit. We all know the variety of ways to do that. We’d all like to be active and fit, and understand it is essential for staying as healthy as possible. Why is it so hard to fit in our day and stay consistent?

Pam taps. Jane rides her bike. Charmaine works out in water aerobics. Amy hikes. Brynne does Barre. Annette walks. Physical activity comes in all varieties. Have you found what works for you? What’s your preference? Maybe boot camp is your thing.

I struggle to make time for a good fitness routine. Building consistency, creating the habit is a challenge. I love to go on walks. It calms me, gets me outdoors, and works a variety of muscles. I can throw on a pair of good walking shoes and head out my front door for a variety of walks. I even own a small Fit Bit or can use my smart phone to count steps. I want to work up to walking thirty-minutes a day, five days a week. It is just hard for me to get going and stay consistent.

Have you solved the motivation mystery? Please share your secret in the comments. How do you shake off the lazy and get moving? And please pass the chips and guacamole before we get off the couch.

I do use the Stand Up app on my phone at work (more info below). It has an alarm that reminds me to get up from my desk and move a bit throughout the day. That is a helpful reminder, or I’d sit at my computer for hours, and that’s not good.

Maybe there’s an app for rewards for exercising. Perhaps something like after you walk a mile in less time than you did last time, it sends a coupon for a massage, foot massage, or pedicure to your email inbox by the time you cool down. Or maybe if you go to the gym twice a week for a month, the app would send a nice guy in a full tuxedo to your front door to deliver a fresh tray of homemade, still warm from the oven (not the car) chocolate chip cookies. I need to design my own system of reward to help me focus. What’s yours?

Some of you are in the zone already when it comes to a solid fitness routine, commitment, and results. You inspire. May we each find activity that is sustainable, blendable with our lives (is blendable a word?), and enjoyable. May we then make it routine and find it rewarding.

I encourage each of us to keep our good routine or do more than we did last week, if there is room for growth. Check out the many online resources for starting to exercise and doing it in a healthy way. I’ve included a few below. And wear the right shoes.

Stay charming, my friends!

P.S. My boot looks a little different these days. My longer walks are on hold until a broken toe heals.

More Information…
To read more about my first Zumba experience: My First Zumba (2009)

For more information on the Stand Up phone app:Stand Up

A helpful article from The Heart Association: Get Up/Get Active

2 thoughts on “Fashion Boot Camp

  1. Something that has really worked for me this year is setting a per week minutes-of-exercise goal and making a chart to mark off ten minute increments. It has given me the incentive to find ten minute slots in my day to fit in exercise, whether that is a short walk through a park in between work meetings or a walk around a parking lot when I am out shopping or a ten minute band workout while I am watching TV. And then when I have time to go on a longer walk, it is fun to mark off three or four boxes on my chart. That might not seem that motivating to anyone else, but it has worked for me, someone who has never liked or been consistent with exercising. (And being diagnosed as prediabetic has helped motivate too,)

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    • This is a great idea! That does sound motivating. I’d be encouraged to do that little extra more consistently. The chart is a great reminder and reward at the same time. I got the pre-diabetic nudge, too. That is motivational since we can do something about it at this point and reverse it with lifestyle changes. Thanks for sharing this.


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