Sick Day Slows Life Down

Colds are never welcome, no matter when they show up. Colds never arrive at a good time. But slowing down is always a good idea. I stayed home from work today recovering from a bad cold, an uninvited holiday guest that came to visit on Saturday. When I was a classroom teacher, I often got a cold once Winter Break began. Teachers have their theories on why that seems to happen. Today, since I’m no longer teaching, I am so glad I don’t have to prep substitute teacher plans , in addition to feeling lousy.

Posting a Blog 2017-12-11

My cold battle tool kit includes: naps, lots to drink (and a nearby bathroom), a small paper bag that moves around the house with me for used tissues, tea, tea, tea, Advil, chicken noodle soup, a box of soft tissues, and hot showers. I also use these additional items when home sick with a cold: good movies to watch, a book to read, possibly some magazines, a place to put up my feet, and “Breathe,” a doTERRA essential oil blend, often used in the bedroom with a diffuser. I haven’t used other over-the-counter cold products for years.

Bigelow Tea for the win! With a side of saline nasal spray.

On the bright side, I am grateful it is just a cold, and not the flu or worse. If I manage it well and don’t push myself, it will simply pass over time and not complicate. Colds are annoying, but not a tragic health situation for most people. I am definitely thankful for that. As we get older, we need to be more cautious in caring for ourselves. I could take life full speed ahead with a cold when I was younger. Now I have more respect for the healing process and the need for rest, in order to avoid complications.

Also from a perspective of gratitude, I am grateful my job provides sick days. My heart goes out to those who lose pay when they have to call in sick. As a side note, it was always sad when sick students came to school, because parents could not skip work to care for them at home.

Thirdly, in this positive spin on a cold, I am always grateful to courteous co-workers who stay home when they are really sick. It helps protect the rest of us from catching the cold or flu. When ailing co-workers show up at the office, it puts the rest of us at risk. So use your sick days for the sake of the others. And, again, I wish all workers had the luxury of sick day benefits.

So, this week’s blog post is rather dull. Never the less, I hope we each remember to carve some essential time into your December to slow down, enjoy a cup of your favorite winter beverage, and pause to be present in the moment at some point each day. Always more enjoyable without a cold, but I’m reminded again of the value of slowing down.

Hot Cocoa Close Up 2017-12

Hot cocoa, with marshmallows, whip cream, holiday sprinkles, and a snowflake

Let me end with a bit of humor. Perhaps there is perceived truth to this quote below. I have not given birth, but I have experienced a husband with a cold.

Man with Cold

Stay charming and healthy, my friends!