Going Through Luminescence

I’ve decided to coin a term for my senior years. A positive one to counter the negative reputation our society places on aging. A word that would make me smile. I started to think back on how I survived adolescence in my teen years, just like everyone else. On the front end of life, we all experience adolescence. On the flip side of life, what should we call the experience? Adolescence was filled with adjustments, body changes, and learning to “adult,” as the recent saying goes.

Now I also find myself experiencing adjustments, body changes, and still learning to “adult.” It’s not adolescence. Been there done that. It’s something else. Let’s call this stage of life “luminescence.”

Wikipedia defines luminescence as “emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat.” Don’t you love that idea? We, as women growing older, can emit light to those around us. We can be positive and encouraging. We can look for good in life and in others. My hair is going gray. But let’s just say gray is the new silver, and silver shines.

So this age, this stage, can be an opportunity for emitting light around us, not resulting from heat, even though we may be having hot flashes along the way. Let’s be light in a challenging time, a challenging world. Luminescence. Now that sounds awesome!

Bioluminescence - National Aquarium

This is bio luminescence lighting up the dark water. Photo: National Aquarium

Stay charming and be light, my friends!

5 thoughts on “Going Through Luminescence

  1. I love this Cindi! Luminescence! A great word to ponder as we age. I, too, am working on having a positive attitude and some humor about this stage we are in. May we be a light to those around us and to ourselves too!

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  2. What a great word and thought – luminescence. Yes, the scriptures tell us to be a light and to share our wisdom with younger women. I pray that we are wise and positive and encouraging at this special age we are allowed to enjoy. Thank you Cindi, for your thoughts and wise words. I know that you are an encourager to the younger generation.

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