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Important Story Well Told

The Post Poster
The Post is a story of the Pentagon Papers and the politics, set in the early 1970’s. The movie about this complicated time made accessible and engaging. The many layers, well produced, illustrate what a pivotal moment this was. To give us a picture of this historic time, this thought-provoking movie is well worth seeing. I had just entered high school at this point in the past. I have vague memories of this event, so I was motivated to understand it better. I really enjoyed the movie.

Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, and Sarah Paulson, along with the rest of the cast, did a remarkable job portraying the characters. Spielberg worked hard for historic accuracy, even using the recordings of Richard Nixon.

If you are interested in our political system, accountable government, the First Amendment and journalism, the changing opportunities for women and gender roles in the workplace and politics, you would also enjoy this movie.  This is also about weighing out values, priorities, power, and consequences in making decisions along the way. It is a suspenseful drama. I recommend the movie, and I recommend seeing it in the theater for some of the newspaper printing press scenes are impressive on the big screen.

Additional Notes:
  • I support holding the government accountable to the people represented and see the press as an important part of that. If you see that differently, you may not agree.
  • If you are uncomfortable with women taking their place in the world of work outside the home, you may not agree.
  • It is long, but it didn’t feel long. An intelligent, fast paced film.
  • For family viewing: No sex scenes; very little salty language; plenty of cigarette smoking and social drinking as was typical at the time.
  • As an educator, I would say high school students and up would enjoy this brilliant, character driven, suspenseful story.

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