Bunches of Blossoms

She made it look fun. She shared the ideas on Instragram. Then I wanted to see what I could do. Inspired and encouraged by my friend, Amy, at Tonality Designs, I took a chance and played with flowers this weekend.

We all know that Valentine’s Day was last Friday. We also know that flowers get overpriced, especially roses, at that time of year. Amy showed me a better way. She bought several bunches of flowers at Trader Joe’s and turned them into pretty arrangements to cheer up her home. She shared that the prices were reasonable.

I light heartedly challenged myself to a Valentine’s flower frenzy. I’ve learned that when I get tempted to compare myself to someone else’s creative ability, someone like Amy who does creative things really well, I tell myself, “Don’t miss out! At least try and see what you can do.” So that was my approach, following Amy’s lead and invitation to see what can happen.

I went to Trader Joe’s and bought five random bunches of flowers. Three at $3.99 each, and two at $2.99 each. I looked for the least expensive bunches, and whatever interested me. I don’t know the names of them, and that fits with my level of expertise and motivation to just try. I did get a burgundy bunch and a funky, pink, waxy, bubble bloom. I also got three bunches of white flowers.

And then things came to a screeching halt. At home, I put them in water, still in the packaging cellophane, and there they sat watching me for days. My schedule was busy and time went by. But tonight I got down to business.

I unwrapped the five bunches, gathered a variety of vases and containers on the table, and got going with a plant cutter and regular scissors. I trimmed them, separated them, and poked them into this vase and that glass. I ended up with about nine big and little bouquets of joy which are now scattered around the house. Those five bunches went a long way!

Dining Room Table
All white for the windowsill
Pop of color on the other windowsill
One big vase full, with a smaller jar in front
Next to the bathroom sink
On my desk
More in the bathroom

And I had a great evening! It didn’t take long. The arrangements came out good enough for me. I only spent about $18 for a house full of color and bloom. Awesome! This little adventure brought some playful creativity to my weekend and delight to our home for the week.

Thank you, Amy at Tonality Designs, for making it seem doable. To me, she is an expert on flowers and arranging bouquets, spending many Saturday mornings at the Los Angeles Flower Mart. Her posts on those outings and the results are enjoyable to read, too. So I finally took a chance on a bunch of blooms myself.

You can’t lose with pretty flowers. And like she says, it is always a good idea to buy yourself flowers! She was right. I am glad I tried. It was affordable and easy, when I viewed it as play and not something to enter at the state fair.

Stay charming, my friends! And remember to try something new soon and see how it goes. You might just be pleased. And so glad you did!

6 thoughts on “Bunches of Blossoms

  1. Very nice Cindi. Flowers bring joy and a smile.So glad that you also had the fun of arranging them. My husband bought me a small blooming rose bush that I will eventually plant. I bought myself a pot of red tulips. I also had purchased a geranium and 2 pots of primroses as I also like color outside. Some I planted on Sat. as I cleaned up some of my flower beds as well. God is so creative with the variety of plants and animals that I love being among them. We enjoyed Safari Park in Escondido on Thursday as it is free this month for over 65. So worth the drive. Then we watched Dr. DoLittle on Friday. A fun movie with very realistic animals. My heart was full. Stay charming as you go through a challenging week of packing and moving.
    PS Let me know if you need help on Friday.


  2. This is great!! Can’t believe how many bunches of flowers you got out of $18 at Trader Joe’s! Now I am inspired… The one on your desk is my fave!

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    • Thanks, Beth! I was so surprised to get all those little bunches, too. Amy demonstrated that and I put it to the test. Hope you get to try it out for yourself as well!


  3. Flowers make a space so inviting and joyful! I keep thinking I need to buy some flowers for my condo. Thank you for inspiring me to go for it! 💐 🌸 🌹


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