First Steps

Purple Shoes in Leaves

It’s always so fun to witness a baby’s first wobbly steps. Today I take my first steps with this new blog, Wild Chin Hair, and embrace a bit of a wobble myself, stepping out to see where we go. Starting a blog, as if the world needs yet one more, comes with pressure to be beautiful, engaging, and beneficial. My readers will decide that for themselves along the way. Here we go! Welcome and hello!

My hope is that you find yourself comfortable here and stop by often, that Wild Chin Hair will be a blog where we connect on moments in the later seasons of life. If you are getting older and finding some challenges in that, you are in the right spot. We will explore living well in our later years in a culture that values youth and wrinkle-free faces. Thank you for visiting today.

I plan to post weekly and enhance the site along the way. You are invited to join me here again soon. Now I must be off to an appointment, and then my day job — a busy day. Does that sound like your schedule? What’s your day look like today? Whatever is in store for you today, have a good one!

And stay charming!